Car Servicing and Repairs in the Stockton-on-Tees Area

We’d never deny that dealership garages in Stockton-on-Tees offer great service but when it comes to providing value, some of them come up woefully short on expectations. Garage Services Stockton can undertake car repairs at prices that are much lower than those charged by dealerships. We even undertake car servicing to dealership standards!

There are several reasons why dealerships are more expensive than independent garages.When dealerships undertake car repairs under warranty, they usually have to absorb the cost themselves. Do you know who ends up covering those costs? It’s usually the everyday Stockton-on-Tees motorist and we think that’s slightly unfair.

Garage Services Stockton can undertake car servicing and repair work at preferential prices because we have fewer overheads to absorb and we’re never forced to undertake unpaid warranty work. Even so, we can still service your vehicle without invalidating any existing warranties it may have. We can even help you preserve a service history.

Low-Cost Parts = Low-Cost Garage Services

We are one of the only garages in Stockton-on-Tees to salvage parts from end-of-life vehicles. Every scrap car that comes back to our workshop is stripped down and the parts are carefully inspected for wear and condition. As long as we can deem those parts safe for continued use, we use them for our car repairs and charge out our services at lower prices.

From brakes and clutches to tyres and exhausts, we cut down the cost of car repairs with a traditional range of garage services that makes motoring more affordable. Best of all, we promise to never fit part-worn parts to your vehicle that we can’t guarantee to be safe. At Garage Services Stockton, the welfare of our customers always comes first.

The same low prices are applied to our scheduled and interim car servicing packages. We work to manufacturer schedules and ensure that every service performed at our Stockton-on-Tees garage is of the highest quality. If you plan to repair your own vehicle, we can work with you on a supply-only basis to save you money on typical motor factor costs.

For car servicing and repairs from one of the most reputable garages in Stockton-on-Tees, call us now on (01642) 611657.